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Tip to improve weak calves.

If you have weak or skinny calves, try training calves every day for a few months. One workout can be seated calf raises, next workout standing calf raises, third workout do donkey calf raises. Try different reps, and stretch your calves between sets.

How to make your forearms bigger.

You can train your forearms every day or every other day. Just remember try not to do the same exercise / mix it up, different variations, cable, dumbells, wrist roller.

Making protein shakes

Adding other ingredients to your protein shakes is good for your health and is an easy way to get some vegetables inside you. Try brocolli, cauliflower, beets, spinach, kale, banana, frozen fruit, egg whites, yogurt, protein powder, water, coco oil,  peanut butter and you have a super power shake.

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