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A New Era of Personal Fitness Training
My name is Loren Lloyd, of the Greater Toronto Area, in Canada. I have been a certified, licenced and registered Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist since 1999. 

I offer live- inter-active streaming video conference one on one Personal Fitness Training workouts.

Here is how my programs work for online fitness training.

2. Once it is established I can help you attain your fitness goals, next step is you join up for the appropriate program that suits your fitness goals and needs best.

3. Once you have registered and paid for your program, I will email you a copy of your workouts for the month, your meal plan and grocery list for the month and if you require a cardio program.

4. Next step I book you in for your Personal Fitness Training sessions, making sure you have either FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and or WhatsAp, all your food on your meal plan is purchased, your home gym is ready and then we can start on your new journey towards better health and fitness.

Here is how the live fitness training instructions sessions via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and or WhatAp work.

1. Once you have downloaded the free software or are using Facetime, it is best you practice a few times making sure you know how to use the software.
2. Your sessions are all booked and your ready to go, so the day of your session, I will text / email you to remind you of our session.
3. At the pre-determined time, I will contact you using whatever platform/ software (FaceTime, Zoom, Skype  or WhatsApp) and after the streaming has started, we say hello, then we can start right away on your workout. I will show my clients some stretches, but it is best they perform a 5 minute warmup ( ie jog in place, treadmilll, etc) first, then a 5-10 minute stretch right before the pre-determined workout is started. That way we spend more time on your workout, since you have already warmed up and stretched. We will continue with the workout for the full amount of time, with me instructing and or demonstrating. Once the time and workout is completed, we can say goodbye for the day.

Reasons why online training is better than in person training.

1. It is more convenient, the client does not need to drive to the gym, when they are at home using their home gym with the trainer on Facetime/ Zoom, etc.
2. You save time, it is more efficient having your trainer on Facetime while you workout at home.
3. It is not as expensive as in person training.
4. You can get better results working out at home by having less distractions.
5. I can train you anywhere you are, at home, in your office, in a park, on a business trip in a hotel.

My CN Tower climb in 2016, I raised $500 for WWF.

CN Tower climb
My services include:
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Custom Meal Plans to Help Maximize Your Ability to Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals.


A Personal Fitness Trainer Helps Make Working Out Safer and Better for Your Body.


To train and instruct my clients, I use Facetime, Zoom meeting, Skype and or WhatsApp to both view and converse with my clients to help maximize their training, ensure proper form, and help keep my clients safe from possible injury.